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A-010 S        Archangel Michael slaying the devil
A-024 S        Small Archangel Michael
A-033 S        Archangel Gabriel with trumpet
C-001 S        Celtic cross wall plaque
C-011 S        Celtic chess set and board
D-080 SM    Venus of Willendorf, Museum of Natural History, Vienna, 30,000BC
D-081 SM    Venus of Lespugue - L'Home Museum, Paris,  25,000BC
D-090 S        Diana of Ephesus - Temple of Diana in Ephesus, Turkey
D-091 SM    8" Harvest goddess
DV-002 S    Vitruvian Man Wall Plaque - Leonardo da Vinci circa 1487
E-005 SPM    Bust of Queen Nefertiti - Dahlem Museum, Berlin  1365BC
E-026 KP    Egyptian Cat Bastet 9"
E-029 K        The Rosetta Stone - British Museum, London,  203BC
E-065 K        Black seated Isis nursing Horus
E-092 K        Black Sekhmet 8"
E-096 K        Rosetta Bookends - PR - British Museum, London,  203BC
E-119 S        Pyramid of the Gods
E-124 SP    Ankh relief, color detailed, wall plaque
E-164 BK    Egyptian Scarab : Egyptian Museum, Cairo. New Kingdom, 1550-1196 B.C.
E-164 G        Egyptian scarab : Egyptian Museum, Cairo. New Kingdom, 1550-1196 B.C.
E-180 S        Egyptian Obelisk - Paperweight & Gift
E-301 SP    Mummification
E-305 GP    Anubis box
E-306 G        Pyramid box
E-311 GP    Scarcophagus (Coffin) of King Tut with small King Tut inside
E-316 GP    Anubis, Small
E-317 GP    Isis, Small
E-333 GP    Bastet, Small
E-334 GP    Selket, Small
E-348 GP    Mask of King Tutankhamun
G-012 SM    Parthenon Horse - Parthenon Temple, Athens. 465 B.C.
G-014 S        Hippocratic Oath
G-018 S        Greek Warrior in Helmet Stele Relief
G-021 S        Winged Phallic Greek Symbol Statue
G-022 S        Cicladic thinker
G-024 SM    Cyclatic Lovers 8.5"
G-025 SM    Small Nike (Winged Victory) : The Louvre Museum, Paris, 190 B.C.
G-026 SM    Large Nike (Winged Victory) : The Louvre Museum, Paris, 190 B.C.
G-029 BM    Leonidas Spartan King Bust
G-029 SM    Leonidas Spartan King Bust
G-030 SM    Bust of Socrates
G-031 SM    Bust of Alexander the great
G-034 SM    Cycladic head - Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, 2800-2300 B.C.
G-036 SM    Asclepios, Greek god of medicine, Small
G-040 SM    Aphrodite Kallipyge on marble base
G-041 SM    Pallas Athena
G-052 BM    Head of Zeus - National Museum, Athens,  450BC
G-055 SM    Aphrodite of Melos - Louvre Museum, Paris,  200BC
G-066 SM    Head of Hygeia - National Archaeological Museum, Athens. 360 B.C.
G-067 S        The Three Graces - Louvre Museum, Paris,  100BC
G-069 SM    Athena - Goddess of Wisdom Bust
MA-003 SP    Bacchus (Dionysus) & Pan on Marble Base - Michelangelo 1496-1497
N-001 SM    The Three Graces
O-002 S        The Tibetan Wheel of Life
O-015 GR    Buddha in Meditation on Lotus base
O-015 S        Buddha in Meditation on Lotus, 11.5"H
O-019 GR    Standing Kuan-Yin Statue Holding Water Vessel, Gold and Red
O-021 SP    Green Tara wall plaque
O-024 GR    Kuan-Yin with baby
O-026 S        Buddha relief wall plaque
O-026 SP    Buddha relief wall plaque
O-046SP        Kuan-Yin and the dragon, color detailed, wall plaque
O-051 S        Foo Dogs, Stone
O-054 GR    Small kuanyin baby
O-063 GR    Small Buddha Maitreya
O-064 GR    Small Sakyamuni Buddha
O-064 S        Small Sakyamuni Buddha
O-066 GR    Green Tara
O-076 GR    Small Buddha in Meditation Pose
O-076 S        Small Buddha in Meditation Pose
O-080 GR    Nepali Medicine Buddha Statue
O-080 S        Nepali Medicine Buddha Statue
O-084 S        Kuan-Yin with rosary
O-087 GR    Small Chenrezi
O-090 S        Nepali Buddha, wish giving pose
O-091 GR    Reclining Buddha
O-093 GR    Buddha Box
O-103 GR    Praying Happy Buddha Hotai Small Statue
O-106 SP    Lakshmi on lotus
O-107 SP    Krishna & Radha
O-126 GR    Medicine Buddha Statue 12"H
O-128 GR    Nepali Buddha in meditation 12"H
O-139 B        4" Prosperity Frog
O-142 B        4" Prosperity Turtle
O-143GR        Kuan-Yin seated on a leaf
O-145 S        Kuan-Yin Offering Water of Compassion
O-146 BP    Ganesh writing the Mahabharata, Sculpture, Bronze Finish 
O-146 S        Ganesh writing the Mahabharata
O-150 GR    Small Chinese Buddha, Earth touching pose
O-151 GR    Small Chinese Buddha, meditation pose
O-152 GR    Small Chinese Buddha, teaching pose
O-153 GR    Small Kuan-Yin
O-157 S        3 side standing Kuan-Yin
O-162 GR    Standing Buddha in Pose of Dispelling Fear
O-162 S        Standing Buddha in Pose of Dispelling Fear
O-163 B        Japanese Buddha
O-167 B        Ganesh, medium
O-167 SP    Ganesh, medium
P-001 S        Aztec Solar Calendar - Antropological Museum, Mexico City. 1500 A.D
P-005 S        Maya Calendar
P-008 S        Feathered Serpent Head of Quetzalcoaltl
P-015 S        Mayan Mask of Death and Rebirth
P-090 S        Aztec Solar Calendar Wall Relief
Q-001 SM    Julius Caesar Bust on Marble Base, Vatican Museum
R-001 SP    Black Madonna of Czestochowa - Icon Monastery of Jasna Gora, Czestochowa, Poland
R-005 SP    Mary and Child wall plaque
R-012 S        Ten Commandments (Decalogue) - Small 10 Commandments
R-013 S        Ten Commandments (Decalogue) - Large 10 Commandments
R-015 SP    Our Lady of Perpetual Help wall plaque
SP-001 SP    Stonehenge
T-001 B        Springtime, by Rodin : Rodin Museum, Paris, 1884
T-004 B        The Thinker by Rodin : The Rodin Museum, Paris, 1881 A.D.
T-006 BM    The Kiss
T-006 S        The Kiss, by Rodin
T-008 BM    Cathedral Hands by Rodin
T-011SM        David by Michelangelo, Small
T-012 SM    The Pieta by Michelangelo : St. Peter’s Basilica (San Pietro), Vatican, 1499 A.D.
T-013 SM    Moses, by Michelangelo : Church of Saint Peter (San Pietro) in Vincoli, Rome, 1515 A.D.
T-014 BP    Large Little Dancer by Degas : Norton Simon Museum of Art, Los Angeles, 1881 A.D.
T-018 BP    Little Dancer by Degas with cloth skirt
T-019 B        Little Dancer by Degas
T-022 BP    The Thinker Bookends - Auguste Rodin, Rodin Museum Paris, 1881

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